Here’s Proof That Money Is NOT The Root Of All Evil

So where does the saying, “money is the root of all evil” come from? It is quoted from the Bible:

For the love of money is the root of all evil:…1 Timothy 6:10 (KJV)

Granted, the Bible states that it is the “love” of money that is the root of all evil, but how can you love paper and metal?  Because that’s all money is.  So we can assume the Bible may be speaking of what we get in exchange for said money.

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Mindful Activism

gabby bernsein universe has your back book cover amazon
Check out all of Gabby’s books!

I love Gabby Bernstein!  Her book, The Universe Has Your Back, is one of my go-to comfort reads!  (If you’ve never read her books, you’re missing out!  

In her videos, she’s easy to listen to and speaks beautiful wisdom in a way I can relate; she’s concise yet not boring and her friendly wit will make you smile.

In this short video (under 19 minutes) she shares her heart about recent events and how our perceptions on activism can play a major role in how we’re heard and how our intentions may be viewed by others. She calls on us to embrace what she refers to as spiritually aligned action.  It’s very timely but good for any occasion when you have something on your heart and you feel you need to speak out about it.  Please visit her blog post, How To Take Action From A Place Of Power, to watch the video and share if your heart so intends.



My favorite quote from the video!  Enjoy!

A Crop Duster Pilot Is Landing the Plane

An Analogy About the 2017 U.S. Presidential Inauguration


10 minutes past coffee airbus a380 cockpit 2017 inauguration analogy
Airbus A380 cockpit

So you’re on a plane. Not just any plane – an Airbus A380 – the largest, richest and most amazing plane in the world. But, the plane is crashing and the pilot is gone. Someone needs to crash land the biggest, most respected plane in the world… and you’re on it!

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Coffee Shop Art and Inspiration For Your Home

Create your own coffee shop!
Coffee shop window with cozy pillows and candles

Any kitchen or dining area can be your own personal coffee shop.  Just add comfy chairs, pillows, lots of tabletop space and some coffee-inspired artwork!  (Oh, and don’t forget the coffee – lots and lots of freshly brewed coffee!) Coffee art is huge right now: coffee posters, coffee-inspired chalk prints, etc.  You can transform any space into a super cozy coffee shop right in your own home!  Enjoy! 

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A Loyal Fan’s Response To The Josh Lanyon Debacle: aka, Dear Ms. Killian, It Aint’ Pretty!

bd0002f4c949cf5ee2a93985350293c8Just to qualify everything I’m about to say, here’s something you need to know:   I’m a woman; I have sisters and daughters so I really like women. I have approximately 450 books on my Kindle Paperwhite and at least 90% of them are M/M fiction and most of those are written BY WOMEN! So I like women and I respect and like to read books written by women!  Now, with that said…

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Morning Musings: Sunday, July 5th

Peace and quiet. Finally, after yesterday’s day of celebration that started at three o’clock in the afternoon – fireworks blasting, zipping and booming – lasting well past midnight, Sunday morning brings blissful silence. Not even the leaves on the trees move this morning. I think they, like our wild animal friends in the woods out back, are resting from the noise and distraction we humans imposed on them.

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