The Goal of Goal Setting

I am terrible at setting goals. As well intended as I am about my desire to be one of those uber-goal setters who have color-coded daily calendars with cute stripes, polka-dots and preppy monograms you are more likely to see my freebie post-its from the doctor’s office stuck to my Walgreens acquired, black spiral planner reminding me, in my own chicken scratch to not forget the milk or to call for quotes on cheaper insurance!

There are so many terrific blogs/websites that can bestow the virtues and successes of great goal setting so much better than myself (see above paragraph) and one such person is Michael Hyatt at — don’t let the byline fool you, I know it may look as though he sometimes caters to the “executive” types but honestly I always find his articles/recommendations such that I, a very ordinary person working from home, can use them. And Michael is a huge fan of Evernote and he has a ton of useful info and instruction on how to get the most out of Evernote’s awsomeness! (I’m a fan, can’t you tell?) Check it out and bookmark it, or better yet do as I did and sign-up for the blog updates; they are always worth it and he’s not spammy or intrusive, you won’t get several a day.

The post titled “Seven Principles for Setting Goals that Work” is a prime example of what you can expect: clear, concise, not too long with great advice you can really use!  And don’t forget to peruse the sidebar for the Evernote articles — well worth a read and reread!  You might want to checkout “How to Organize Evernote for Maximum Efficiency” — wonderful post with a great book recommendation!

Who wouldn’t want to be super organized with this colorful, happy planner!

Also, since we’re talking about goal setting… check out this beautiful blog by Jennifer Jones that is all about organizing your life and giving you the tools you need to set the goals needed to be organized called “Iheart Organizing”! She’s amazing and you will love this gorgeous site — she has some of the best planners out there and much of what she offers are “printables”…  I love that!


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