Downtown Cincinnati: A Photo Essay

I have lived in the Cincinnati Metro area for about 13 years now and I never get tired of the city. Cincinnati is a fun, cultural and art-centric city that brings people in from the suburbs for a night on the town or a day of museum hopping, shopping and incredible dining! Fountain Square is beautiful both day and night, especially at night, and in the winter months it boasts a small ice skating rink that attracts young and old alike. These photos are by far not a whole representation of downtown Cincy, but it shows how amazing the city can be — when nearby, make it a point to visit, you won’t regret it!

This is my contribution to this photo challenge — Monument. EnJOY!


Fountain Square Downtown Cincy 5-2013 Pics from Phone 5-18-13 003 Pics from Phone 5-18-13 004 Pics from Phone 5-18-13 006 From my phone 092 From my phone 093 From my phone 094 From my phone 095 From my phone 096 From my phone 097 From my phone 098 From my phone 099 From my phone 100 From my phone 101 From my phone 103 From my phone 104 From my phone 105

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