All That Gay Marriage Crap

I so very much agree with this… nothing else to say, just so wonderfully written! EnJOY!
From the post:
“I can’t imagine why anyone would want those to be their last few moments on their death bed, filled with the conviction and pride that they had stopped someone from getting married, no matter where that belief is based. A smile perched upon your face as you slip away from this world, full or pride knowing you had accomplished your goal against people you didn’t even know.”

Peter Monn

peter monn_peter monn

I was in the grocery store earlier tonight when the couple behind me started talking about the front of a magazine.  The husband pointed to the cover, a picture of a gay couple in tuxes, and said to his wife “What do you think about all of that gay marriage crap?” I immediately turned to look at the magazine and saw that the headline indicated something about gay marriage sweeping the country.  The man looked over at me and I smiled, but no smile was returned.  He and his wife suddenly went silent, probably assuming I was gay, and their conversation ceased.  Immediately I felt uncomfortable, so I paid for my groceries and left the store.  In retrospect, I kind of wish I would have turned to the man and said, “I’m gay and I’m married. Got a problem with that crap”, but I didn’t.

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