On Creating a Positive Reality

I am currently reading several books. I’m a serial multi-book reader, trotting between my fiction and non-fiction prouder than a Tennessee Walker. I find that when you read a book, we’ll say non-fiction, that is deeply profound it helps to take a break, read something that takes you away from that moment. By doing this I find it sinks in deeper and the meaning becomes more resolute. With that said, It’s not often I find a book that causes me to pause if only for a brief moment, that speaks to me so loud that when I tap my Kindle to open my current fiction read I hear the former book shouting from my homepage.

When I finished reading E-Cubed: Nine More Energy Experiments That Prove That Manifesting Magic and Miracles is Your Full-Time Gig by Pam Grout, I immediately hit the “Go To” button and tapped on “Beginning” and started reading it again! Out of the 416 books on my Kindle, I have only done this a handful of times. Also, I have highlighted and notated the living crap out of this book. Seriously, the pages are nearly all blocked with fifty shades of gray. To say I got something out of this book would be a gross and mind-numbing understatement. I also read the preceding book, E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality, and found it just as astute with words and passages of wisdom – I am currently reading it for a second time as well. The humor with which Ms. Grout writes her words of wisdom is a huge, from the diaphragm breath of fresh air; the enjoyment in reading the books is second only to the value you take from them – they are priceless!

What these books so effortlessly put into plain English for those of us seeking a more positive life, is the simple truth that our negative environments, the news and information we think informs us is actually dialing our lives to the channels of woe-is-me and “the sky is falling!”  In the beginning of E-Cubed, Pam states:

Every moment we waste on worst-case scenarios undermines our ability to create the true and the beautiful. Every moment we spend worrying erects a block between us and all the signs and opportunities and, yes, blatant love that is here for the sole purpose of our enjoyment.

We’re trained from a very early age to put on a pair of gray-colored glasses and look at the world through the lens of defeat and pain. We get brownie points for finding problems. Expecting the good in life and assuming the best outcome sounds dangerously like “not facing up to reality”. There is a bias against too much optimism and happiness.

One needs only to peruse your current social media feed to see what kind of life those we follow are designing for themselves. I personally stepped away from social media to a great extent because of the negativity that bombarded my computer or phone screen each time I checked in to catch up on friends or family. I would always leave thinking, “Why do people want to see that? How can such loving people, of incredible education and intelligence absorb themselves in darkness and despair?” I could never figure it out. What I did figure out, is that I don’t want to program any more of the “negative” into my being, my consciousness. If it’s pollyanna to only engross myself in the lovely, pure and honest, then… “Hello, my name is Pollyanna and I’m a habitual optimist!”

For me, I choose plan and create a beautiful, enlightened and positively designed world for myself and my family; one blatantly filled with happy thoughts, good news and beautiful surroundings. A space that nurtures our hearts and souls attracting happiness and abundance at every turn.

To pay it forward, I have accumulated many resources to assist me on this journey and this blog is where I will share them with you in hopes that you too will find, create your beautiful life!

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