That’s me in the corner (losing my religion)

Yes, this right here… all of these emails of the broken resonate with me on such a personal level. If you are going through your own kind of “religion detox” read this and know you are not alone, you are loved beyond imagination and you are so worthy of everything you could ever desire.

Jim Palmer


People often contact me, and share their journey of shedding religion. The excerpts below are portions of emails people have sent me. I keep them all in a “Dear Jim” file.

“Overall, I have to say that I lost my individuality through my experience with organized religion…. I felt “forced” to fit in, to fit some type of mold or shape or way to be. I joined group after group looking for acceptance… I changed my appearance, my language, even some of the things I enjoyed I gave up in order to fit in. I lost me in the process, the real me. That has damaged me more than anything. Now I’m trying to find the real me.”


“I was and Evangelical for 27 years of my life. What I got most out of church was: read and pray every morning, go to church every Sunday and Wednesday, tithe (one church…

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