We can save ourselves and this world (if we want to)

“Humankind is mainly operating from the source of our human understanding, ingenuity and effort. There is another entirely different source within us.”

Jim Palmer


We think that the current condition of our world is inevitable. We don’t realize that it’s simply a manifestation of our ignorance and the false beliefs, mindsets, narratives and ideologies that rule us from within. At any moment if we collectively turned to what is real in our deep feelings and what we know to be true in our gut then a new world would be born. That spirit, atmosphere and reality of oneness, harmony, and wholeness that is depicted in the Garden of Eden runs through us all. We must turn toward and connect with that reality within us. It is there… in every last one of us. Each of us must touch and connect with it ourselves. Then we must together lift this reality up out of ourselves and into the world. There is no God in the sky or savior who will drop down from the…

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