Here’s What’s Happening In November!

Oh, beautiful November! via Pinterest

Wow, only 61 days left in the year! And this is a big month.  As of today, the holiday season is in full swing.

I love this time of year and November and December are my favorite months!  Below is a list of things to do, to think about, to prepare for… Enjoy every minute of it! 

#NanoWriMo starts today!

If you like to write or you want to start, go and sign up! The NanoWriMo site is wonderful and easy to use; it tracks your progress and has terrific forums so you can get motivation from others as well as pep talks from established authors.

Daylight Savings Time ends

For the U.S., we fall back one hour on November 6th, usually at 2 a.m. in the morning (does anyone wake up at 2 a.m. to change their clock?).  I actually like falling back in the Autumn. I can wake up better in the morning – more light outside at 7 a.m. –  and I don’t mind eating dinner while it’s dark outside – candles anyone?

Elections: Register and Vote

Again, in the U.S., we have our election day on November 8th. Go here to make sure you are registered and check on other election information.

Veteran’s Day!

Friday, November 11th, is Veteran’s Day – this is the day to thank the veteran’s in our country – and around the world – for their service.  And for that special veteran in your family/circle here’s some great ideas on how to show your appreciation.

Thanksgiving Day

This is the biggie for the month!  Thanksgiving is Thursday, November 24th – start planning for your Thanksgiving feasts and entertaining now!  Here’s a great Country Living article on different menus for easy planning!


If you love to find once-in-a-lifetime deals at your fave brick-and-mortar store, today’s the big day!  Although I’m not personally a fan of Black Friday – I have no desire to stand in line at 3 a.m. for a $100 flat screen t.v. –  I know many people who make the day after Thanksgiving a major shopping event.  And, yes, there’s a website for that!

Visit a Christmas Tree Farm!

It’s the last weekend of November, a perfect time to make a day of it perusing the firs and pines, drinking hot chocolate and taking in all the sites and sounds of the coming holiday!  Don’t forget to shop for your holiday decor early for the best selection!


For those, like myself, who prefer shopping with a cup of coffee and my laptop there’s Cyber Monday!  No lines, crowds, yelling and screaming, just me and Mr. MacBook Pro!’s Daily Deals page is a great place to start – make sure to be signed up now for future notices of Goldbox and Lightening Deals –  but any retailer with an online presence will probably be participating.  Tip: Go to your fave retailers now and sign up for their newsletters and deals-via-email so when those Cyber Monday deals start you’ll be “in the know”!

Take some time at the end of the month for #koselig!

Koselig is the Norwegian word for cozy – there’s also a Danish version, Hygge – or better defined as “a feeling of being cozy”. Here’s a wonderful blog post by someone deep in the heart of Norway with a wonderful visual definition.  It’s about candles, warm sweaters, lots of good friends and family to gather together and just a general feeling of warmth, comfort and joy!  So grab some candles, fluffy pillows and throw blankets, throw in some good company and, voila, Koselig!

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