A Crop Duster Pilot Is Landing the Plane

An Analogy About the 2017 U.S. Presidential Inauguration


10 minutes past coffee airbus a380 cockpit 2017 inauguration analogy
Airbus A380 cockpit

So you’re on a plane. Not just any plane – an Airbus A380 – the largest, richest and most amazing plane in the world. But, the plane is crashing and the pilot is gone. Someone needs to crash land the biggest, most respected plane in the world… and you’re on it!

There were two people who could go into the cockpit and land the plane: one is highly qualified, a Captain Sully-type gal and the other is a crop duster pilot with 25-hours of fly time — both have less-than-stellar reputations.  You voted for Captain Sully… but the Crop Duster won.  

Crop Duster is full of self-confidence and reassures everyone that everything is going to be great! You’re scared shitless. Your only hope is the people on the ground, the controllers in the tower, half of whom wanted the Captain Sully-gal to land the plane but now they have to deal with the Crop Duster and they are ready to do what they can to help the people in the plane. You may not like Crop Duster, but you want him to land the damn plane!

Confident or not, Crop Duster knows he needs help, so his supporters in the tower tell him to go and get his buddies from first class to help him — some know a little about landing planes, most do not.  You know these guys and gals, they may have even been the reason the plane is crashing in the first place, but you have hope — you want them land the damn plane!  

The worst part is the buddies from first class have parachutes! And they are made of gold. They make sure their buddy, Crop Duster, has one too. If they see they can’t land this plane, they simply bail. You’re feeling worse. Awful as a matter of fact.  I know.

But then you look around you and you notice the other people on the plane. Many of them are parents worried about providing safety for their young children. There are elderly and handicapped persons on the plane, worried that if they get injured they can’t pay for their medical expenses. And some, are just scared… the Crop Duster and his first-class crew don’t like them much, or care what happens to them. All they see are the blinding glow of golden parachutes. How can they care about us?

So, we are on a big-ass crashing plane with a crop duster pilot, his first-class cronies and they all have golden parachutes. What can we do now?  Here are some things, we Sully-gal voters can do to help our fellow passengers:

Take care of yourself first! 

The plane crashing mantra holds true! Meditate, pray, keep yourself healthy and better yourself. Go back to school, take online courses — whatever will make you a better person, will make you feel better and more apt to help your fellow neighbors — do it.  And above all else, give to the charitable organizations and those individuals who will fight for and serve the marginal amongst us. 

Support the people who will hold the Crop Duster accountable!

There are many in Congress and various government branches who are our watchdogs. Find out who they are and vote for them, send them words of support and keep them in office. We need ground control watching the pilot!

Only partake in factual, vetted news sources!

This is where you can find out who the watchdogs are and what they are doing to help us, but you have to be diligent about what you read, watch and listen to.  Don’t buy into the sludge that is cable news or sensationalized online opinion sites — if they have to change the title or by-line of a news article to get your attention, run. Stick with news sources that employ actual reporters who will do the research, find the sources and write about corruption regardless of the outcome’s effect on their own personal status. (See the Boston Globe’s Spotlight team)

Don’t EVER allow a crop duster pilot in the cockpit again!

Do what you have to do to better yourself, educate yourself. Work tirelessly to help your fellow man/woman, those who are scared and sitting nervously on the margins of society. Give, and then give a little more.  But, seriously, don’t let this happen again. Take a break from the conversation about the crop duster pilot in the cockpit and then come back and start the conversation again and inform people. Encourage the youth who will voting age in two and four years about the fate of the crashing plane and passengers who need them to vote for the Captain Sullys!

Please let me be very clear:  The United States of American is an amazing country full of caring, compassionate individuals. It has ALWAYS been great!  We’ve faced challenges before. We’ll survive — the plane will land.  Peace 10 minutes past coffee peace symbol 2017 inauguration anaology


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