Mindful Activism

gabby bernsein universe has your back book cover amazon
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I love Gabby Bernstein!  Her book, The Universe Has Your Back, is one of my go-to comfort reads!  (If you’ve never read her books, you’re missing out!  

In her videos, she’s easy to listen to and speaks beautiful wisdom in a way I can relate; she’s concise yet not boring and her friendly wit will make you smile.

In this short video (under 19 minutes) she shares her heart about recent events and how our perceptions on activism can play a major role in how we’re heard and how our intentions may be viewed by others. She calls on us to embrace what she refers to as spiritually aligned action.  It’s very timely but good for any occasion when you have something on your heart and you feel you need to speak out about it.  Please visit her blog post, How To Take Action From A Place Of Power, to watch the video and share if your heart so intends.



My favorite quote from the video!  Enjoy!

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