The One Thing You Need To Give Yourself Right Now For Unlimited Happiness

wood door HK quoteHappiness is abundant. It’s like the Force in Star Wars: an energy field created by all living things, it surrounds us, penetrates us and binds the galaxy (Universe) together… and yet so many find it elusive and fleeting. Why?

I find in my life that there is one thing required to know unadulterated happiness, one thing that is so easy to give yourself and yet so many will deny it at every level. So what is the one thing that every single person can allow themselves that will bring more happiness into their lives? More opportunities to experience the world from a better place, a happier place? One word…


Let me elaborate, because right now some of you are yelling in your heads, “Are you kidding me?”


Believe it or not, many people walk around every day denying themselves the permission to do the things that would bring mega proportions of happy stuff into their stressed out personal worlds. For some reason we have been programmed to believe that living a life of monotony and denying our dreams, even the smallest of creature comforts, is what we are supposed to do. As Pam Grout writes in her books, happiness is our natural state of being, it’s where we begin before the world conditions us to think, “be” otherwise.

ad244f59cef31a9d72549528e9f6717fI could write everyday about this one subject, and maybe I will, but for now it’s important to know why we falter when it comes to being joyful. It doesn’t make sense that people would almost sabotage our own ability to be happy but often we do: worry shadows so much in our lives that we often miss out and flat-out shun the very things that can make us happy.

So how do you move past the years of negative programming and into the universal flow of prosperity and abundance?  I know simply telling yourself you have “permission” probably won’t be enough, it wasn’t for me either. My journey spanned a few years and once I realized I had total permission to live abundantly, to reap the fruit of prosperity, it became clear I needed to give myself the permission necessary to dream big and pursue happiness!

Right now, write down a “permission” list. Start with “I give myself permission to…” and write down anything and everything you truly want and desire, without provocation, without guilt, just do it. Here’s some things that come to mind for me that I had the most trouble giving myself permission to allow in my life for the purpose of happiness in the past:

Permission to…

  • Desire more money
  • Buy more clothes/shoes
  • Provide my family with the latest techology gadgets
  • Work from home
  • Take time for myself to read/write every day
  • Dream of a bigger home, more luxurious car
  • Acquire reasonable debt (credit cards, loans, etc.)
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Even though all of the things on my list would bring comfort, security, raise self-esteem and contribute to my overall happiness, I was programmed from as young as I can remember to deny the desire to seek out these things. Now I know that having plans for bigger, better dreams is always a good idea.

So, always keep your “permission” list handy; revisit it and revise as needed. In time, after you shed the guilt and realize you need to provide yourself with the things that make you happy – and in turn raising your vibration – you will attract more of the same and life will be brighter than ever!



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