Images and photos on this blog are either my own (and I will state that in the post) or they are sourced from other places and spaces; those  from elsewhere are credited when possible, but unfortunately, some sources (such as Pinterest and Tumblr) do not provide traceable attribution. Also, absolutely none of the images used on my site are reproduced for the intent of procuring profit through the use of the photo/image on business cards, letterhead, flyers, t-shirts, etc., or any other physical form.  If you found your personally created photo/image posted here and would prefer not to have your image listed for some free publicity or you would like to provide proper attribution so you can get some free publicity, please let me know via email/contact form with proof of ownership and I will gladly comply – I absolutely love giving credit, so please let me know.

Feel free to use my personal photos on my blog – all I ask is that the images provide full attribution and link back to this site or if the photo/image does not belong to me and is sourced from another entity, please provide full attribution to the original creator and link to the original source whenever possible.

Please know that any reviews that I do on my website are on products that I personally purchase and are not given to me for free; should I ever receive an item as a gift/incentive, I will let you know first thing, and I will still give an honest, genuine opinion of the item/product – if I don’t like something, you will know and if I LOVE something… you will know that too! 🙂

Thank you so much for being here!

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